THE STORY OF ROBYN & TIAGO is a tough one to bear. Through hard and abusive times, two kids with music in their hearts, and a steely determination to throw off the shackles of their oppressive environments, came out on top; able to tell their stories through their music and let their fans know that the way down can always be turned around. Just as they have turned it around.

ROBYN & TIAGO  are a unique Hip Hop / RnB / Pop Duo with Latin Influence. Their partnership has allowed them to become a self-made duo who write, produce and direct their songs and videos, in their own studio. In his own right Tiago has written and produced for platinum selling artists in the UK.

Robyn and Tiago have played and performed at numerous Soccer 6 events and have won gold medals; appearing at Dukes Polo (Hylands house) they have played alongside big names. And in Magaluf, Spain, they’ve supported Krept & Konan.

IN CAMDEN, AT THE RENOWNED GILGAMESH RESTAURANT, the urban duo performed for a huge charity event alongside big names. During the summer they played at the “Party in the Park” summer festival. Not satisfied with that they’ve also opened the shows for Jack Jones at the O2 Islington & Manchester.
And more recently they’ve been out in LA working with a legendary songwriter/producer, Steve Dorff, on their new album.

Robyn & Tiago’s mission is to help anyone in any way they can – they know what it is like to be dismissed.
Their Goal is to use their platform to make a difference.
We can’t change the world, but together we can make it a better place if we be the change we wish to see in the world. Be kind Always, for Love Conquers All.